Pakistan will sell nuclear bomb to Saudi Arabia to repay the debt

Pakistan will sell nuclear bomb to Saudi Arabia to repay the debt

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated June 6, 2023 by Diary Times

The condition of Pakistan is so poor that it can do anything for money. PM Shahbaz Sharif went to many countries with a bowl to ‘beg’ for money, but nothing worked. In such a situation, political analyst Zaid Hamid, close to Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, has given a dangerous formula to sell Pakistan’s nuclear bomb to Saudi Arabia to remove Pakistan’s poverty. Zaid Hamid has been making poisonous statements against India. He has suggested that Saudi Arabia and Turkey should sell Pakistan’s nuclear bombs. Zaid said that if we sell 5 nuclear bombs to Saudi Arabia, we will get 25 billion dollars in an hour. Turkey will also give us 20 billion dollars in exchange for 5 nuclear bombs.

Zaid Hamid keeps giving nuclear threats every day. Zaid often keeps threatening Ghazwa-e Hind in India. He was included in the ‘Muslim 500’ list of influential Muslim figures in the world. He believed that Pakistan had made the atomic bomb by stealing the technology of the atomic bomb. The world can’t stop us from selling it. Zaid, wearing a red cap, said that we have neither signed the NPT nor the CTBT. Zaid said that we secretly made an atomic bomb. Gaddafi of Libya and Iran wanted to take the technology of atomic bomb from us.

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