Mandi Lok Sabha: In the battle with Kangana, Jairam’s leadership became the reason for the defeat of the Congress candidate, Jairam went to every village and sought blessings for victory


The most important role in making the queen win was played by former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh and Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur by leading the war.

Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur and Kangana Ranaut

Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur and Kangana Ranaut

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Reported & Written By Kumud Sharma, Diary Times, Mandi, June 05For the first time in the Lok Sabha election field, on one side there was the status of Bollywood Queen Kangana Ranaut and on the other side there was the respect of the current king of Rampur Bushahr state Vikramaditya Singh, but the people of fourteen assembly constituencies of Mandi Lok Sabha proved by giving mandate to the Bollywood Queen that in the battle between the king and the queen, the people always choose the queen.The most important role in making the queen win was played by former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh and Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur by leading the war.Queen Kangana got a bumper electoral victory and King Vikramaditya Singh got a crushing defeat and the main leader behind this war is former Himachal Pradesh CM and Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur.

Let us tell you that Kangana Ranaut could never have imagined winning the Lok Sabha elections in Mandi, the second largest Lok Sabha seat in the country, on her own strength,But when a seasoned player of politics like Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur took charge along with BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut, Kangana’s victory was confirmed from then on.It is worth mentioning that the way Jairam Thakur took charge for BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut on Mandi Lok Sabha seat, today the results of the Election Commission show that if there should be a leader, then he should be a down to earth person like Jairam Thakur.Despite the worsening conditions of bad weather, Jairam Thakur went to each village of all the 17 assembly constituencies falling under Mandi Lok Sabha and brought the blessings of victory from the people there by telling them about the works of PM Modi.

Along with this, Jairam Thakur has blamed the Congress party leaders for the wrong reactions coming from across the country about the honor, respect and self-respect of Mandi in every election public meeting.In his home assembly constituency, Jairam Thakur, instead of attacking the opposition leaders, informed the people about the welfare schemes run by PM Modi for the poor in the last ten years, due to which the people of Mandi Lok Sabha were influenced and gave the mandate to BJP by voting in favour of the leaders of their home.

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5 architects of the victory of BJP candidate Kangana –

1. PM Modi’s public meeting.

2. Excellent leadership of Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur.

3. Full support of BJP and organization leaders.

4. Being a famous face, She got support from women of Mandi.

5. Ground level role of BJP workers of Mandi Lok Sabha.


5 reasons behind Congress candidate Vikramaditya’s defeat –

1. Lack of proper support from Himachal Pradesh government.

2. Rahul Gandhi’s public meeting not being held in Mandi.

3. Pratibha Singh not coming forward despite being a former MP.

4. Lack of unity among Congress workers.

5. Giving ticket late due to negligence in election campaign.

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