Dip In Yield Of Cotton And Maize By 2050 In Punjab ?

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The studies conducted by the Indian Meteorological Department from the data collected on temperature and rainfall, years, 1986 to 2020, show an increasing trend in the rise of minimum temperature. This increase in the minimum temperature will cause damage to five important crops, rice, maize, cotton, wheat, and potato. This climate change is also affecting the rainfall pattern. 

The research of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), indicates a dip in 11% to 13% of the yield of crop cotton and maize due to changes in the climate by the year 2050. These results are based on observations made at five different places, Ludhiana, Patiala, Faridkot, Bhatinda, and SBS Nagar. 

As there is an increase in the minimum temperature, the cardinal temperature range will get affected. Cardinal temperature is the range of temperature, minimum to maximum, required by a crop for its proper growth and development. As the minimum temperature increases there can be a loss in yield due to the following reasons. 

  • Late sprouting of crops results in a later yield than the expected time.
  • Poor quality 
  • Damaged crop due to high temperature. 
  • Loss of soil quality due to increase heat

Along with these, the increase in temperature will also affect the rainfall pattern. Thus, the water demand of plants will get affected. This will also result in poor yield of crops. 

Punjab contributes 12% of the total production of cereal, in the entire country. Climate change will result in, a decrease in proper yield by up to 11% to 13% in the coming years.

Kumud Sharma

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