Daily Horoscope 2023 – Today 5 October 2023 Horoscope | Today Horoscope By Pandit Shashi Pal Dogra

Daily Horoscope 2023 – Today 5 October 2023 Horoscope | Today Horoscope By Pandit Shashi Pal Dogra

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated October 4, 2023 by Diary Times

By-Pandit Shashi Pal Dogra, Vashishtha Astrology Sadan, Shimla

Daily Horoscope

Everything will work at its normal pace. This is a good time for employed people to get new opportunities.
Lucky number: 3

Today there is a possibility of a new guest arriving in the house, which will make the atmosphere of the family pleasant. There will be harmony with your spouse.
Lucky number: 8

There may be financial gain. There will be benefits from such work which will last for a long time.
Lucky number: 3

Today there will be favorability in your family environment. Will enjoy with family.
Lucky number: 8

You can get benefits from the government in any direct or indirect way. If you make full use of the opportunity on time.
Lucky number: 5

Today, some of your work will be completed with the help of your spouse. Also, by getting their better advice, you can get a new means of earning money.
Lucky number: 2

Start old tasks that you had thought about. can benefit. You will feel good today.
Lucky number: 1

Today there will be opposition from family members towards you at home. Do not drive too fast.
Lucky number: 5

Not a very good time for emotional decisions, as whatever decision you take during this period will be difficult to carry out.
Lucky number: 7

Today your happy behavior will create a bright atmosphere in the house. You will get some good news related to work.
Lucky number: 9

Today you will work with strength and patience. Will keep thinking about money all day long. There are also possibilities of financial gain from land and property related works. If you are thinking of doing some new work then some other work may come your way. There will be more daily work. Everything will be fine in some time. To move forward you have to learn something new. Your worries regarding health related matters will reduce.
Lucky number: 2

Today, due to low energy in the body, there will be less enthusiasm to work. The aggressive nature of your beloved can lead to a major dispute. In such a situation, you will have to work very calmly and behave in a balanced manner. There will be concern about the health of the child. You will get full support from your colleagues. Control your expenses today. Lakshmi ji also seems to have special blessings on you. There is a possibility of financial gain.
Lucky Number : 4

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