Chummukeidma Turns into Political Battlefield as PM Modi Takes Centre Stage

  • Earlier today, Prime Minister Modi addressed an election rally in Chummukeidma, Nagaland.
  • The rally was likely a political event as it is common for politicians to organize such gatherings to connect with their supporters and convey their messages to the public.
  • The Prime Minister, while speaking at the Chummukeidma rally today, announced that a significant portion of the state is no longer under the purview of AFSPA and steps are being taken to completely withdraw it.
  • During his speech at Chummukeidma today, the Prime Minister emphasized the critical importance of three foundational pillars – permanent peace, progress, and prosperity – as part of a comprehensive, long-term vision and plan for the state. He stressed that these pillars are essential components of the state’s future and that without them, true progress and growth are impossible.
  • The Prime Minister’s speech focused on the idea that the path to the state’s success lies in establishing permanent peace, which would serve as the foundation for progress and prosperity. He explained that the government is committed to ensuring the safety and security of the state’s citizens and creating an environment of peace and stability that would enable businesses to thrive and people to pursue their goals
  • In addition, the Prime Minister highlighted the need for progress, which he defined as the state’s ability to develop and advance in all areas, including infrastructure, education, and healthcare. He stated that the government is working towards creating opportunities for growth and development in the state, which would help to uplift its people and boost its economy.
  • Finally, the Prime Minister spoke about the importance of prosperity, which he defined as the state’s ability to create wealth and improve the standard of living for its citizens. He emphasized that the government is focused on creating an enabling environment that would foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and job creation, which would, in turn, lead to greater prosperity for the state and its people
  • Overall, the Prime Minister’s speech was a call to action, urging the state’s people to work together towards a common goal of building a peaceful, progressive, and prosperous future for themselves and their communities.
  • In his speech at Chummukeidma today, the Prime Minister lauded the collaborative efforts of the central government, state police, and army, which resulted in a significant decrease of 75% in the insurgency in Nagaland.
Kumud Sharma
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