G20 Meeting in Patna: Bihar’s capital Patna ready for G20 meeting on June 22-23

G20 Meeting in Patna: Bihar's capital Patna ready for G20 meeting on June 22-23

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated June 3, 2023 by Diary Times

This June, Patna will host a two-day meeting of the G20 group. During this the delegates are likely to visit Modern Bihar Museum a day before the inaugural session. A top official of Bihar Government’s Art, Culture and Youth Department told that on June 22-23 there will be a two-day G20 meeting of labor participation group. About 150 delegates will participate in it. He said that the representatives would reach Patna on June 21. He will stay in three luxurious hotels in Patna, the capital of Bihar. He is also likely to visit Bihar Museum in the evening of the same day.

G20 meeting on June 22-23 in Patna

According to the official, ‘The meeting will begin on June 22 at the Samrat Ashoka Convention Center near Gandhi Maidan. On the same day, a grand dinner and cultural programs will be organized for the delegates at the Bapu Auditorium located in the Centre. Another round of meeting will be held in the city on June 23. The Patna Museum on Bailey Road, whose 95-year-old building has been closed for visitors for three months from June 1 for renovation, houses a large number of ancient artefacts, rare paintings and 200 million-year-old books, the official said. The fossilized tree trunk has been a center of attraction among tourists.

Patna ready for G20 meeting

In February, a senior official of the Bihar government had said, “We are planning to take the delegates to the Old Patna Museum and the Modern Bihar Museum as part of the cultural exchange, apart from the main event (G20 meeting). If they want to visit Nalanda or some other historical places, we will keep these places in mind while preparing the itinerary. Officials said that however, as per the revised schedule, now the delegates will visit only tourist places in Patna. They can also visit the Sikh pilgrimage site, Patna Sahib.

The responsibility of hosting with the Department of Art-Culture

Bihar Art and Culture Department has been appointed as the nodal agency for organizing the G20 meeting. The department is planning to give the delegates a pleasant experience during their visit to Patna. The meeting of the G20 grouping in Patna was earlier to be held in early March, but later it was planned to be held in June, officials said.Top officials of the tourism ministry said historical cities, among other places, have been identified for the G20 meeting. The idea behind the selection is to ‘draw attention to heritage sites’. Under India’s G20 chairmanship, more than 200 meetings are planned at places of historical and cultural importance in 55 cities across the country including Hampi and Khajuraho.

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