Bada Dev Kamrunag Ji Mandi |Know About The Famous Deity Of Mandi, Kamrunag Ji And His Mysterious Lake.

Bada Dev Kamrunag Ji Mandi

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla Published by : Kumud Sharma, Updated June 16, 2023 by Diary Times

Diarytimes Media Network, Shimla

Reported By Kumud Sharma

Published – 16 June, 2023

Kamrunag Ji other names Veer Barbarik, Shri Khatu Shyam Ji, Babrubhan Ji is known as the rain god in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. The temple of Kamrunag ji is situated in the middle of a dense forest in a village named Kamrah of Mandi. A three-day fair is organized at this place every year on 14th June. According to the mythological tradition, the devotees offer their gold and silver ornaments, coins and money to the deity by immersing them in a small lake. The priest of the temple acts here as a medium on behalf of the serpent deity.

Mythological history of this place
Like every other temple, peak and lake in the Himalayas, this place also has a story to tell. It is believed that Lord Kamrunag wanted to participate in the great war of Mahabharata.

He was the most powerful warrior on earth. But he was defeated by the policy of Lord Krishna. He had said that among the Korvas and Pandavas, whose army would start losing, he would support him. But Lord Shri Krishna knew that if he supported the Kauravas in this way, the Pandavas would not be able to win.

Shri Krishna ji defeated him by placing a condition and asked for his head in return. But Kamrunag ji expressed a wish that he would see the war of Mahabharata. That’s why Lord Krishna took his severed head to a high peak of the Himalayas. But wherever his head turned, that army would move towards victory. Then Lord Krishna tied his head to a stone and turned him towards the Pandavas. So that they don’t have any water problem, Bhima buried his palm here and made a lake.

It is also said that by offering gold and silver in this lake, the vow is fulfilled. People offer any jewel of their body here. The lake is full of money, this gold and silver is never taken out of the lake because it belongs to the gods. It is also believed that this lake goes straight to Patal Lok. The treasure of the deities is hidden in this. Every year in the month of June, on 14th and 15th June, Kamrunag ji gives darshan to the devotees. The lake is in a dense forest and after these days there is no priest here. Snow also falls here.

Cultural and Religious Importance
Kamrunag Lake holds immense religious and spiritual significance. The temple of Kamrunag Dev situated on the banks of the lake is one of the most visited temples of Mandi district. According to Hindu mythology, the Yakshas (gods of wealth) used to reside in this region. Kamrunag finds mention in the great Hindu epic Mahabharata. Kamrunag Dev is also known as “God of rain” and people visit the temple in large numbers for favorable weather conditions.

How To Reach Kamrunag Temple

There is no direct road to Kamrunag, it is only accessible by trekking, the nearest road link is at Rohanda which is 55 kms from Mandi and 35 kms from Sundernagar. Kamrunag Lake Sundernagar-Rohanda 35 Kms (by road) and then Rohanda-Kamrunag 6 Kms By walking.

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